Are you compliant? Safety and internal window blinds

Are you compliant? Safety and internal window blinds

There are strict regulations around installation that apply to all internal  window blinds with cords or chains that could present a hazard. The regulations *(which are law and were revised in 2014) place limits on cord and chain lengths, require the installation of safety devices, the testing of the safety devices, as well as displaying product warning notices and ensuring that product instructions are made available.

At Furnish we install all our curtains and blinds so our in-house team of fitters are fully conversant with these regulations. The safety requirements vary depending on the type of blind and fitting height as well as the opening closing mechanism. In all cases general warning labels must be left on the blinds and we make sure that product instructions are left with the client and they understand exactly how their blinds are operated.

The safety devices fall into three categories; an accumulation device, tensioning device or breakaway device and the choice of each if dependent on blind type, and cord operation. Do contact us if you have any questions and the British Blind and Shutter Association is an excellent resource for information,

*Child safety requirements BS EN 13120:2009+A1:2014

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